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Abstract Submission Guidelines 

Please make sure that your abstract is in the proper format.

  • Title of articles
  • Author's full name, affiliation, mailing address

-        Abstracts should be submitted in English.

- Abstracts should be submitted online through the official submission system and your personal account not later than April 14, 2017.

- Only abstracts submitted online through the official submission system will be reviewed.

- Abstracts sent by fax or email will not be considered nor accepted. 

- Abstracts that are not prepared according to the sample file format will not be reviewed.

- Abstracts should be structured under the following headings:

1- Introduction & Aims: This section should summarize the purpose and the rationale for the study. Extensive review of the subject or interpretation of the data or conclusions should not be given in this section.

2-Materials and Methods: This should include exact method or observation or experiment and present a brief description of study population, sampling method, data collection, study design and selection criteria.

3-Results: The main findings of the study in text.

4- Discussion & Conclusions: An interpretation of the results of research and critical comparison with the results of other studies

- English abstracts should be at least 250 words to a maximum of 350 words in a 14-point Times Roman font on the A4 paper size.

- Abstracts may not include tables, figures, references, funding sources or acknowledgements.

- Please name the author(s) respectively.

- Modification, replacement and removal of authors is not possible after the submission.

- All abstracts must be submitted online. Then it is also necessary to email the abstracts to inc96@umsu.ac.ir.
- Abstracts submitted to Congress should not be submitted to, presented or printed in any other conference, congress

and seminar (internal or external) at the same time or before the time of congress. Otherwise, abstracts removal is allowed and the authors assume all legal responsibilities.

- Authors should be responsible for the scientific content of the abstract.

- Abstracts will be selected based on format and the novelty of the idea according to the scientific committee checklist.

- Avoid using phrases such as "the result is pending" in the abstract. 

-  The sender of the abstract should inform acceptance to other authors.

- All speakers are required to bring their presentation (a set of PPT slides) on USB sticks.

- For more information you can contact the Congress Secretariat.