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In the Name of God

Dear Colleagues,

Recently national nursing and health care organizations have stressed on Nursing Professionalization. As we consider the history of the discipline of nursing and its past scientific heritage, it leads to modern nursing promotion in our beloved country, Iran.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to “International Congress on Nursing and Professionalism   in Iran and the world” that will be held by Urmia University of Medical Sciences and Nursing Deputy of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education. 

The Congress aims at providing an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in nursing. To achieve this goal, there will be keynote lectures, symposia, educational workshops and meet-the-expert sessions on parallel tracks covering the fields of the congress. 

This congress will provide an excellent forum for interaction among delegates to update their knowledge and learn about the latest innovations in the field. Specialists in the nursing are invited to take part in this important congress.

I am looking forward to meeting you and confident that you will enjoy Urmia that is one of the ancient main cities in the Iranian history and culture through social contacts.


Dr. Hosein Habibzadeh, PhD.

Dean of Nursing and Midwifery Faculty

Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Scientific Secretary of the Congress