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Instructions for authors




Please read the instructions for authors carefully to prepare your manuscript.


Your abstract should include the following information:

·        Title:

·        Name and surname of author/s, postal address and e-mail address of the presenting author


The submitted abstracts must also include the following subsections:

·        Background and objectives: give a background about the study subject and its importance, and the study objective/s.

·        Methodology: include sampling and data collection methods, sample size, study design and selection criteria.

·        Results: include the study findings. The findings should be written in the form of text without any figure and/or table.

·        Discussion and conclusion: give an interpretation of the study findings and meaningfully compare the findings with that of the other studies.

·        Keywords: not more than five keywords

The submitted abstracts should be no more than 350 words that are appropriately divided into the above-mentioned subsections.

Your electronic manuscripts should be created using Microsoft Word Software and in A4 paper size. The font type for running text should be 12 point “B Nazanin” for Persian texts and “Times New Roman” for English texts.  

Please send the final version of your abstracts no later than 22nd of July, 2019.

The printed abstracts sent by mail will not be accepted.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the congress’s proceedings book without making any changes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the author/s to make sure that their abstracts lack scientific and/or typographical errors. The submitted abstracts must not have previously been presented in any other conferences or published in a journal.   

The modes of paper presentations are oral and poster.

Oral presentations can only be made using Microsoft Power Point program.

In the case of further enquiries, please contact the Tel number of the congress’s organizing office.