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Cancer as a progressive disease and in many cases as a social disorder is one of the most important issues in the health systems. Although various medical and health sciences have played a significant role in the treatment of cancer, the defect in treatments is more visible due to the increased exposure of humans to the carcinogenic agents. Today, many societies are familiar with cancer tsunami, although reality denotes the absence of it. The term cancer is horrible, and its occurrence at infancy and in childhood causes a psychological trauma in families, and its subsequent complications along with continuous medical care create difficulty and damage for them during their lifetime. Today, childhood cancer treatments have gained considerable individual and public attention in comparison to adult cancer treatments and they have become more important for health systems. New horizons for cancer treatments in this human society not only can serve for treatment but also can help create a dynamic and vibrant community with hope and vitality. The treatment of childhood cancers and their effectiveness, along with mechanisms for boosting immunity in patients, and reducing drug resistance is a legitimate demand by patients that should be taken into account by all agents. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological cancer treatments in children are based on multi-modal treatments that are collaborative in all aspects of cancer treatment. The International Congress of Supportive Care of Patients with Childhood Cancer with the aim of accelerating the translation of cutting edge discovery at the clinical level, and further promoting international scientific cooperation, debate and exchange in some therapeutic trends and providing an appropriate direction to the therapeutic trends in cancer treatment will be held in Urmia, Iran. Childhood cancer therapists will gather in order to maximize their knowledge about cancer treatments in order to help the families of children with malignancies. I kindly ask all the researchers at the congress to use their efforts to achieve Islamic humanitarian goals. Finally, I would like to welcome you to West Azarbaijan.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to Urmia, Iran for this exciting cancer conference!


Professor Dr. Javad Aghazadeh

Chancellor of Urmia University of Medical Sciences

President of the Congress