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Poster PPt Format

For downloading prepared poster PPt format according to congress poster preparation, please click and follow the link
Download File Here


Registration fee Payments

Registration fees must be sent by bank transfer to the following account: Beneficiary: Research Deputy, Urmia University of Medical sciences, Bank Name: Saderat Bank, Urmia, I.R.I. Account No: 0103033030002


Cochrane Systematic Review Workshop

The coordinating committee was held in Research and Technology Assistant Office. In this committee Dr Hamid Reza Farrokh Eslamlou determined to be in charge for this workshop. If you have any technical questions or suggestions, you can write in email. hamidfarrokh@gmail.com


Article Submissions

Volunteers should be aware that sending files should be done only through the website. Framework for setting and adjusting the posters and abstracts are provided in specified section on website and can be downloaded.


Cochrane systematic review workshop

Cochrane systematic review workshop will be held on the sidelines of the congress for those are interested. Those interested can participate in the workshop trough specified prepared section on the web site. The cost of registration and application form is provided.


Deadline for submission

All applicants and interested parties that tend to submit abstracts, they can do submitting until the April 4,2015. Submissions after time out will not be admitted.


The Young Researcher’s Panel

This part of the Congress welcomes all papers sent by young professors and university students. Papers should be in line with the axis of Congress. Obviously, one who is eligible to participate in this section should be age specific, and submitting the files is possible only through of the website.